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Shelter For Refugees And Camping Site Selection

March 29, 2017

Around the world, there are about 65.3 million people displaced due to persecution and war, according to United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) report in 2006. This much amount of displaced people have never ever done or known before.

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There are different ways for their settlement when they are displaced to another area. There are three main situations for migrant’s survival setup. Often, they have to concentrate on sites that are unoccupied by someone in that area and create camps. Sometime they also spread out to establish rural settlements in a wide area. They are hosted as well, sometime, by local communities.

Shelter And Settlement:

Deficient shelter setup for migrants deprives all of their privacy and can easily be exposed to cold, wind and rain. Pathogenic environment might be incorporated if the settlement is poorly planned because of overcrowd and power hygiene are the main factors for disease transmission that can affect the whole population.

Refugee tent manufacturers are currently focusing on environmental friendly camping solution especially for migrants to control the major factors of disease transmission during their stay. Despite lack of proper planning in the settlement, the current surrounding may also affect their health, so the settlement planning must have a thorough assessment of the area, so that relevant living facility can be adopted.

Site Selection For Refugees:

Site choice mostly stays limited because all of the appropriate areas might already be inhabited by farming or local communities’ residence. Both the ideal site for migrants and responding to all of the basic life requirements are rarely available sometime. In this regard, relief agencies, to select residence sites for them before they arrive, are seldom on the spot.

Refugee Tent Manufacturers

However, there is certain criterion for site selection which must be taken into account.

Protection And Security:

The displaced people settlement must be planned in a safe area having reasonable distance from war zone and border.

Avoidance Of Health Risks In Environment:

Vector breeding sites that are the main cause of killer disease transmission must be avoided in the proximity of displaced people. In sites where they cannot be avoided, proper treatment must be initiated during settlement.

Local Community And Displaced People:

Traditional and legal land rights need to be respected during settlement of migrants. The local and displaced people communities must be managed in a way to avoid a rising tension between them.

Water And Space Availability:

As being the most utilizing and basic resource of life, water must be present on the site or closer to it, so that displaced people do not require additional help while reaching to it. The space must be wide enough so that they can easily manage their setup and feel relax during their stay.

Refugee Tent Manufacturers

Highly Accessible:

The settlement site must easily be accessible for transportation means during all season to maintain core relief items supply and mobility.

Maintainable During Harsh Weather:

Arrangement of camping provided by refugee tent manufacturers must be made on a place having slope by default so that it can act as a natural system of drainage for rainwater.

Beside such a proper settlement arrangement for migrants, the energy sources must be considered as well during selection process of the site. Deforestation is the main cause of plane-less and insecure arrangement.

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