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How Non Food Items Administer The Life Quality Of Refugee Shelters

October 20, 2017


Fragility is the right word that can be used for displaced people. How can the service providers address the vulnerability of the displaced people? It starts with the reality that the situation must be monitored in its entirety. Service providers work in partnership.

Among the displaced people many have varying level of vulnerabilities and their need is quite specific. Take for instance the children and women; additionally the requirement of people with age cannot be denied.

The ground realities are extensively different:

The assistance framework consists of products that have diverse level of solution for the end user. The back and forth provision of products is not an easy task.

How Non Food Items Administer The Life Quality Of Refugee Shelters

The requirements change with time. For instance, the sleeping mat might serve different purpose in diverse weather conditions.

Each and every aspect that must be noted in a catastrophic situation is effectively controlled by the delivery mechanism of non-food items.

The collaboration between different types of service providers is important. For example, the ability of the service provider to transport products is an integral part of the humanitarian assistance.

Additionally, blankets, hygiene kits and products that specifically cater the needs of children must be properly channelized.

An important aspect is to avoid clashes between the refugees in the acquisition of products. In this respect the availability of different product categories on need basis is an imperative part of the planning process.

Service provider is expected to deliver:

The urgent release of respite to the people is duly addressed by refugee shelters. The accommodation of immediate relief that shelters can provide to people can quickly eliminate the tension and anger.

The modern day shelters are designed keeping in view the requirements of the lifestyle of an average individual. The efforts that service providers inculcate are comprised of different features. The standard that the service providers must meet is also important in justifying the quality of the humanitarian assistance.


It is important for service providers to analyze every catastrophic situation in a particular context. The need variation and the ability of the service provider to connect with the displaced people augment the service quality.

For invaluable assistance the experienced service providers can provide customized products for each situation. This will alleviate the degree of vulnerability to great extent. The scope and coverage designed by experts can generate better outcomes.

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