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Early Prevention Is The Best Policy

July 10, 2017

Many of us have experienced and read about the smog that has engulfed Mumbai and Lahore recently. It is bad. It is not fog. It is full of pollutants and irritants, capable of causing permanent lung damage to citizens. People like to blame their neighboring countries or even other far off countries and think of elaborate conspiracies. The truth of the matter is that we have done this to ourselves. In the past century, we have had the worst lifestyles; we have littered around without any check, we have polluted seas and the air, we have interfered with naturally occurring chemical processes. And in this century, we have been even worse and suffering the consequences, too. Natural disasters have also been occurring with more and more frequency every year, paying us surprise visits.

Disaster Relief Supplies

Considering where the world is headed, many social activists have started campaigning about environmental changes and are urging people to actively change their lifestyles. Recent research shows that floods don’t happen because there are no trees but rather because the places where we choose to build are not as safe and stable as other places. And yet, we go on destroying these spaces. Humanitarian relief, providing disaster relief supplies, has also increased in number which is actually a good thing. In such harsh and unforgiving times, it is a good reminder of the pure human soul and courage to ensure that every citizen has some basic rights that need to be tended to. Relief organizations basically manufacture and distribute relief aid to affected populations efficiently. They manufacture products to cater to the harshest weather conditions.

But where do we draw the line? We have polluted our environment so much that there is now a layer of smog engulfing major cities. There is no check on what is contributing to the pollution, no equipment to measure and manage it and every Environmental Protection Agency is so badly funded that they can hardly ever contribute to current situations. This is detrimental to our health. Sure, we have disaster relief supplies given to us by manufacturers whenever there is need, but there will come a time where nothing of the sort will be happening, because there will be no more aid or space to manufacture it. Whatever, we wish to do, we must act today we will forever suffer from the consequences. 

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