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How Non Food Items Administer The Life Quality Of Refugee Shelters

October 20, 2017


Fragility is the right word that can be used for displaced people. How can the service providers address the vulnerability of the displaced people? It starts with the reality that the situation must be monitored in its entirety. Service providers work in partnership.

Among the displaced people many have varying level of vulnerabilities and their need is quite specific. Take for instance the children and women; additionally the requirement of people with age cannot be denied.

The ground realities are extensively different:

The assistance framework consists of products that have diverse level of solution for the end user. The back and forth provision of products is not an easy task.

How Non Food Items Administer The Life Quality Of Refugee Shelters

The requirements change with time. For instance, the sleeping mat might serve different purpose in diverse weather conditions.

Each and every aspect that must be noted in a catastrophic situation is effectively controlled by the delivery mechanism of non-food items.

The collaboration between different types of service providers is important. For example, the ability of the service provider to transport products is an integral part of the humanitarian assistance.

Additionally, blankets, hygiene kits and products that specifically cater the needs of children must be properly channelized.

An important aspect is to avoid clashes between the refugees in the acquisition of products. In this respect the availability of different product categories on need basis is an imperative part of the planning process.

Service provider is expected to deliver:

The urgent release of respite to the people is duly addressed by refugee shelters. The accommodation of immediate relief that shelters can provide to people can quickly eliminate the tension and anger.

The modern day shelters are designed keeping in view the requirements of the lifestyle of an average individual. The efforts that service providers inculcate are comprised of different features. The standard that the service providers must meet is also important in justifying the quality of the humanitarian assistance.


It is important for service providers to analyze every catastrophic situation in a particular context. The need variation and the ability of the service provider to connect with the displaced people augment the service quality.

For invaluable assistance the experienced service providers can provide customized products for each situation. This will alleviate the degree of vulnerability to great extent. The scope and coverage designed by experts can generate better outcomes.

Importance Of The Solar Lights In Disaster Situation

September 26, 2017

Disasters are the natural phenomenon of the nature. After it strikes a city or state, it is important for all of us to help the people who have been affected by it. Mostly we see that the human relief organization and NGO’s are the ones who take a huge part in the process of rehabilitation and helping others.

Importance Of The Solar Lights In Disaster Situation | Core Relief Items

Most of us normally knows that, the Government, NGOs and other relief providing organizations works hard to provide food, water, shelter, medication and clothes, which are the basic and most important core relief items. But along with all these basic items, arrangement of the solar chargeable lights is also one of the most important things which shall be the part of core relief items kit. Following are some of the reasons why they are important.

Environment Friendly:

They are environment friendly because they don’t cause any harm to our environment. They are solar chargeable. They don’t need anything else from our eco-system other than the solar energy for the purpose of charging. This makes them highly effective and environment friendly.

It’s Safe and Secure:

These lights are completely safe and secure for normal routine use. There is no risk of any extravagant electric shock. Whereas, they could be used for a longer period of time, because these lights are highly durable.

Cost effective:

They don’t need any extra costly mechanism for charging purposes. Whereas, you don’t need to pay any kind of bill either. That’s what makes them highly cost effective solution for the NGO’s and for the users as well.

Different Styles and Material:

The solar lights are available in different styles and material. Their durability and performance could become even better if they high quality LED solar lights are being purchased.

Best for Security Purposes:

They are best for the security purposes as well. After disasters, most of the people have to live under the open sky. In such situations the nights could be really threat-full for them. In these circumstances, the solar chargeable lights could very helpful. The relief supplier companies make sure to deliver such lights as well. So people could remain safe from every kind of threats.

Essential Supplies And Items For Relief After Disaster Are Available

August 25, 2017


Would anything last forever? Not possibly but good memories do last. The sun is shining bright. People are happily exchanging pleasantries when suddenly they get the biggest shock of their lives. Earthquake has demolished everything. The wreckage cannot be estimated at one. People have nowhere to go. They are looking for their loved ones. Mothers desperately looking for their children; people trapped in the debris are calling out for help. Nobody knows what to do. Rescue operators do.

How to do it?

What should be the action plan of the rescue mechanism? The terrible things to come cannot be predicted. People feel hapless. They are helpless. Comfort is a farfetched thought. Night is about to approach. There is no food, water for survival. Disaster relief supplies can deliver the desired necessities in abundance.

Disaster Relief Supplies

The aforementioned situation is just a small account of the experience that disaster hot people encounter. Someone needs to counter this hopeless situation. A rescue supplier does that but to what extent is a matter of observation. What will exactly work? Sometime one approach is good; in other situations a different strategy must be deployed. It is hard to blame the rescue suppliers for not performing at the level they were expected of. Any complexity can be managed with maturity by non-food items.

They can beat the situation but not time. The relief supply to the vulnerable population is probably one of the toughest jobs around. Carelessness is not what is required but cannot be eliminated anyway. It seems like the experienced suppliers does not panic even in the most alarming situation. The products that must be delivered are delivered and that too at the right time.

What is the value of preparedness for the rescue suppliers? Each situation is unique and compel a set of actions that can devise appropriate response mechanism. The awareness of the rescue supplier to approach each catastrophic situation empowers better engagement. For that the supplier need to make informed decisions with respect to the local needs of the users.


The service model that is executed by the supplier is layered at different levels. How facilitation simplifies the acceleration of provision is crucial to manage the value proposition of the effort. Experts proficiently deal with the different intricacies associated with relief effort. The traces of destruction of disaster are unique. The response mechanism must be distinctive. 

Early Prevention Is The Best Policy

July 10, 2017

Many of us have experienced and read about the smog that has engulfed Mumbai and Lahore recently. It is bad. It is not fog. It is full of pollutants and irritants, capable of causing permanent lung damage to citizens. People like to blame their neighboring countries or even other far off countries and think of elaborate conspiracies. The truth of the matter is that we have done this to ourselves. In the past century, we have had the worst lifestyles; we have littered around without any check, we have polluted seas and the air, we have interfered with naturally occurring chemical processes. And in this century, we have been even worse and suffering the consequences, too. Natural disasters have also been occurring with more and more frequency every year, paying us surprise visits.

Disaster Relief Supplies

Considering where the world is headed, many social activists have started campaigning about environmental changes and are urging people to actively change their lifestyles. Recent research shows that floods don’t happen because there are no trees but rather because the places where we choose to build are not as safe and stable as other places. And yet, we go on destroying these spaces. Humanitarian relief, providing disaster relief supplies, has also increased in number which is actually a good thing. In such harsh and unforgiving times, it is a good reminder of the pure human soul and courage to ensure that every citizen has some basic rights that need to be tended to. Relief organizations basically manufacture and distribute relief aid to affected populations efficiently. They manufacture products to cater to the harshest weather conditions.

But where do we draw the line? We have polluted our environment so much that there is now a layer of smog engulfing major cities. There is no check on what is contributing to the pollution, no equipment to measure and manage it and every Environmental Protection Agency is so badly funded that they can hardly ever contribute to current situations. This is detrimental to our health. Sure, we have disaster relief supplies given to us by manufacturers whenever there is need, but there will come a time where nothing of the sort will be happening, because there will be no more aid or space to manufacture it. Whatever, we wish to do, we must act today we will forever suffer from the consequences. 

How To Get Prepared For Emergencies?

June 30, 2017

Emergencies and disaster are the part of life that can happen any time. So, it’s better to prepare for it in advance rather than anything else. Because preparation is the best way to make sure you are least affected even after it unfortunately happens in your territory.

Core Relief Items

All the NGO’s, human relief providers and government disaster agencies puts huge emphasis on remaining prepared for such a situation in advance. One of the well-known ways and an old fashion, to remain prepared for it is, to arrange the core relief items. Some other ways to prepare for this purpose are as follows.

Make a Plan:

Make sure you have some sort of proper plan. The plan should be about the survival in such situation, it should also contain the escape plan from the disaster affected area in such scenario. Your better planning will ensure that your survival chance remains higher in any disaster situation.

Be informed:

The news is the effective and best source to remain informed about the weather condition. You can remain up to date about any possible hurricane, tornados and floods, etc. So, keep an eye on the news to remain in touch with the latest weather updates.

Make a Kit:

This is the best way to prepare for any disaster in advance. It is highly recommended way to remain safe in case of any disaster. The core relief items kit has the necessary food items and material, which can save you from the drastic effects of an emergency situation.

To remain safe from the effects of the disaster and to keep yourself well-prepared, make sure you follow the essential and vital tips that are mentioned above. This definitely will help you a great deal to survive any unfortunate emergency or disaster situation.

How To Prepare Well For Any Natural Disaster?

June 21, 2017

Natural disasters, most of the times occur without any alarms. When it does arrive we certainly gets into a really miserable and helpless state. In such a situation, we need to stand up and show courage to overcome the effects of a particular disaster. The affected people need to show courage in this situation.

Disaster Relief Supplies

All those who have been safe from such disaster needs to help the affected people so they can survive and rehabilitate. Also, it is quite recommended to make sure that we are always well prepared in advance to cope with any natural disaster. We can do so by arranging and securing some disaster relief supplies kits which could be used in disaster. These disaster relief items shall contain the following things.


Water is really necessary for the human survival. That’s why, it is important to save some bottles of water in the relief supply kit.


As much as water is necessary for us, food is also important. We need to store some dry food items which can remain fresh edible for a longer period of time.


The relief supply kit should also contain the blanket and tent which could be used to remain safe from the effects of the weather.

Medical Kit:

Your kit should also contain the medical kit and some important daily routine use medicines, such as for headache, pains, motion and vomiting, etc.


An emergency light or a torch is another really important thing for you to have in your supply kit. Make sure you keep some extra batteries as well.


A radio should also be kept in the relief disaster relief supplies kit. It tends to be really useful in disasters to remain updated about the surrounding situation. Apart from this, it can also be a great mode of entertainment and time-pass.

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Why Should We Use Solar Lights In Disaster Affected Areas?

June 9, 2017

The conversion of the solar energy into electrical energy has brought a lot of ease in our lives. Now in the absence of electricity we can also light up our houses with the solar energy preserved in the solar panel at day time. We can also use this energy to run other low voltage electric devices.

Solar Light Suppliers

When we talk about the disaster situation, there are situations in which the electric power is cut down. So in that situation, we often see that solar light suppliers come into play. We can buy solar lights from them and deliver it to the disaster affected areas. There are following reasons which greatly supports the usage of solar lights.


Without any doubt, we can say that solar lights are green for our planet. By green, I mean that they are the life for our planet Earth, as they don’t put any harmful effect on our universe. We use the light of the sun, which is a completely free and huge source of energy.


The solar energy is always there because the sun is a constant source of energy. Once all the energy is consumed from the solar panel, it can be gained again from the sun. Even when the weather is cloudy, the solar panels keep on gaining some energy from behind the clouds.

Install Any place:

You can install them anywhere, sun is out everywhere so we can never say that there are some specific regions where we can install them.

Cost Effective:

The solar lights and other solar equipment are cost effective for you in a means that they cost you only one time. Once they are bought and installed, you don’t need to pay any bills and charges later on. That’s a reason which has increased the demand of solar light suppliers not only for the usage in disaster but also in our normal daily routine life.

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Tarpaulin Manufacturers

May 27, 2017

Trends in the world of services and commodities are changing. Technology has evolved each and everything. A good example here would be tarp made products. Initially it was only used for covering big cargo containers or huge vehicles and as for the purpose of water and weather proof tents.

Tarpaulin Manufacturers

No one at that time would have thought that tarp will be changing its original utilization and will enter new world of products that will be based on it. Tarpaulin manufacturers world over seems to have read the script well and understood the future demands. That’s way one may clearly note the rise in their production and demands for tarp made products.

Experts are off the view that it is going to rule industries like fashion and will specially be focused on feminine oriented products. The demands for tarp made gears, purses, jackets, trousers and even shoes are getting into the all time high zones. It is hard to believe how the fashion world is responding to this product.

For some reason when I look at these makeshifts, I think there is a fair bit of logic behind this. For example, all the products that are made with it are lasting and reliable. What’s more these products are comparatively in the affordable zones when compared with other similar products that are manufactured in conventional ways using other core elements.

Tarpaulin Manufacturers

I have met many tarpaulin manufacturers and have found them very keen and positive about the ongoing situations and trends. They are confident that these trends are going to shape the industry and push it further toward competitive zones.

Following are some of the core features that are associated with tarp oriented products:

  • They are lasting
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Available in different prints and colours
  • Are manufactured in an environment friendly passion
  • Most of the latest trap made products are further lighter in weight
  • They can be re-used and recycled with ease.
  • Easily available in different markets.

I believe the message is loud and clear, i.e. we are heading toward an interesting era that will be relying on tarp made products the question that still bothers me is what would be the response from ordinary public?

Non-Food Items: How They Provide Backup During Disasters?

May 18, 2017


Generally, people think that food is the most necessary item when any disaster hits. There are others things to consider also. The non-food items are equally important as the eatable ones. You will find much more information in the below paragraphs.

Non-Food Items

How non-food items are important?


First of all, we talk about clothes. They protect you from outside hot and cold weather conditions. In disaster affected areas, people don’t have sufficient clothes to wear. That’s why they are much more important. 

Kitchen utensils:

The kitchen related non-food items are of great importance in case of any emergency. Different things like paper cups and plates are very vital in this regard. If you supply food, but not the kitchen utensils, then how the people make meals for themselves.

First-aid kits:

First-aid kit is also very important. In case if there is any injury to the disaster affected people, it provides them immediate relief. The kit must include ice pack, gloves, saline solution, scissors and antibiotics.

First-aid kits

Sanitary items:

The sanitary items are also required for the disaster affected areas. It includes toilet paper rolls, soaps, shampoos, sanitizers and towels. Hygiene is also important so that diseases don’t spread among the people.

Insecticidal nets:

The insecticidal nets are important for those persons who are facing malaria disease. They protect from insects and mosquitoes. So, that it provides better sleep to the people of disaster affected areas.

Solar lights:

The lights are also required, it would be great if they are solar i.e. don’t require electricity. Such kind of lights help the disaster relief workers to work at night. They get charged by using the sun rays and convert them into energy.


The non-food items are very much required in the disaster affected areas. They are equally important as the eatable items are. Without them, the people of that areas unable to survive, as they provides them shelter, hygiene and lighting.

Different Refugee Shelters: How They Are Effective?

May 17, 2017


The refugee shelters provide temporary housing facilities to the disaster affected people. They are found in different shapes and designs to provide a cover and shelter. Some of them are given below for your guidance.

Refugee Shelter

Different refugee shelter designs:

EDV-01 emergency shelter:

The best part about these refugee shelters is that they can generate electricity using solar array. There is a toilet in lower portion and also a small kitchen on the other side. They can sustain themselves without using any outside source.

Zip-refugee shelter:

The zip refugee shelter is used to provide protection to almost 10 people. It can be modified easily. It is also easily movable. It is greatly used in Japan earth quake I 2011. It is also durable.

Woven tent shelter:

This is made from fabric, that’s why it is better for air ventilation. The best quality about it is that it can be shrink and expand as per requirement. It is also portable, it can be setup anywhere. It is of great importance for the refugees.

Woven tent shelter

Folding house:

These shelters can be folded into different shapes as per requirement. The bamboo poles are used to assemble them. They are light in weight and can be setup very quickly. They are made from recycled material.

Green horizon prefab home:

The green horizon prefab home has the capacity to sustain a family of four members for a week. It has water, electricity and food facilities. It is also made from 100% recycled material. It can generate energy by using photovoltaic panels. These shelters are long lasting.


There are many refugee shelter options, you don’t have to rely on just one and always go for variety and reliable option. These temporary houses are very beneficial for the disaster affected people. These shelters provide them comfort and housing facilities. 

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